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Prestressing Bar

Prestressing Bar Introduction:

The raw material of prestressing bar is hot rolled alloy round bar with high tensile strength, which are cold rolled and threaded on part or full length of the bar body. The diameter range of prestressing bar is 35.6mm – 75mm, and other diameter dimensions can be produced by customer’s request.

Prestressing Bar Accessories

Surface coatingMetalization
Petrolatum tape
Epoxy coating
Specific injection productsWax : hot injection
Cement grout : alkaline environment
DuctingCorrugated ducts: light and easy to install
Smooth pipes: stiff and resistant to shock

Why Buy Prestressing Bar from Longteng:

Longteng is a manufacturer with heat-treatment for increasing tensile strength and mechanical characteristics of steel round bars and rebars. These round bars and rebar are then threaded, anti-corrosion treated for high strength structural use. High quality prestressing bars manufactured by Longteng has greater ductility, tensile strength and yield strength, it can be bent over 100 degrees at tight radii without fracture. It is widely used in construction for permanent or temporary prestressing.

  • Prestressing bar is fabricated with high quality thread, which keeps high fatigue resistance in stress corrosion situation.
  • Each single prestressing bar shall be tested of guaranteed tensile strength in the production process.
  • Thread on prestressing bar shall be fabricated with high accuracy to make the tightening work easy and accurate.
  • Prestressing bar length can reach up to 11 m and can be connected with sleeves to be longer with the same strength.

What is Prestressing Bar System Composed of?

Prestressing bar system works by trans-passing the press load to bar body and finally on the structure, besides the prestressing bar, the other accessories can be a nut and washer, a nut with a spherical seat, a spherical nut and a spherical washer, or a threaded end plate.

Prestressing Bar Functioning in Building Structure

  • Excellent Mechanical Property
    Longteng prestressing bar or prestressed bar is manufactured beyond the requirement standard for fatigue resistant test and tensile stress test. Failure load on the bar with coupler and other anchorage parts is more than 95% of the prestressing bar.
  • Perfect Corrosion Resistance
    As prestressed bar works in stressed condition, it shall be tested for anti-corrosion ability in stressed state. Longteng also considers the conditions of exposure, the anti-corrosion treatment shall be chosen according to the working environment. Usually prestressed bar system is designed for grouted construction. In addition, they are sometimes used as external tendons with various types of corrosion protection.

Prestressing Bar Specification:

Prestressing Bar Steel Grade and Dimension
CharacteristicUnitNominal diameter (mm)
Steel gradeMPa103010301030103010301030
Cross section areamm2552661804101812571964
Linear masskg/m4.565.186.668.4510.4116.02
Characteristic value of maximum force: FpkkN568681828104812952022
Characteristic value of 0.1% proof force: Fp0.1%kN46155267285010491640
Maximum tensioning forcekN4144966047659441475
Thread pitchmm666688
Average Young’s modulusGPa170170170170170170
Minimum elongation at maximum force%

Prestressing Bar Flat Anchor Part Types and Dimensions:

Anchor PartDimensionsUnitNominal diameter (mm)
Flat nutLengthmm374141465571
Width on flat surfacemm505656626590
Flat washerExternal diametermm6570707580105
Flat plateDimensionsmm110×125125×125125×125140×160160×160200×200
Hole diametermm343740445060
Hole diametermm343740445060
Slot Length (from hole centremm4547.547.5555571
Recess Depthmm101010101010

Prestressing Bar Spherical Anchor Part Dimension:

Spherical Anchor PartDimensionsUnitNominal diameter (mm)
Width on flat surfacemm505656626590

Prestressing Bar Mechanical Properties

Prestressing Bar Grade and Mechanical Properties
Diameter /mmCross- sectional area/mm2Weight (kg/m)PSB830PSB930PSB1080
Min Yield Stress/LoadMin Utimate Stress/LoadMin Yield Stress/LoadMin Utimate Stress/LoadMin Yield Stress/LoadMin Utimate Stress/Load
Elongation at fracture A/%≥7≥7≥6
Total Elongation at max force Agt/%≥3.5
Relaxation at 1000h≥4
Modulus of elasticity/Mpa2*10^5