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Foundation Anchor Plate

Wind Turbine Anchor Plate for foundation has 2 parts: upper and lower anchor plate(embed and template ring), which are connected by splice plates and high strength anchor bolts. Splice plate is a kind of rectangle plate which has the same mechanical properties of anchor plate, usually wind turbine foundation requires anchor plate with large diameter, compared with manufacture anchor ring plate in hot rolled method, use splice plate and seperate parts of anchor plate is more economical option.


Anchor Plate Assembly Parts:

Anchor Plate for Wind Turbine
Splice Plate
Anchor Plate Connection - Splice Plate

There are many factors can influence the wind tower foundation configuration, wind turbine size and brand, site geotechnical conditions, etc. Wind tower cage foundation structure has to with stand compressive and uplift forces caused by strong wind forces. Before construction, investigation and research of structural and geotechnical design checks are needed.

Anchor Plate Production Process

According to the plan to buy steel plate (Q345E) → Rraw material re-inspectionCutting (CNC programming, flame cutting) → Levelinginspectionopening groovecleaning and polishing → anchor plate group for tailor weldinginspection (100% ultrasonic flaw detection) → Cleaning GrindingAppearance inspectionLeveling →  Flatness DetectionMachiningInspectionCNC Drilling InspectionSand blastingAnti-corrosion treatmentInspectionPackagingStorage.

Wind Turbine Foundation Anchor Plate Drawing

Equivalent Steel Grades of Anchor Plate

GB/T 1591-2018 GB/T 1591-2008 ISO 630-2: 2011 ISO 630-3 2012 EN 10025-2:2004 EN 10025-3:2004 EN 10025-4:2004
Q355B Q345B S355B S355JR
Q355C Q345C S355C S355J0
Q355D Q345D S355D S355J2
Q355NB Q345B(nomalized)
Q355NC Q345C(nomalized)
Q355ND Q345D(nomalized) S355ND S355N
Q355NE Q345E(nomalized) S355NE S355NL
Q355MB Q345B(TMCP)
Q355MC Q345C(TMCP)
Q355MD Q345D(TMCP)
Q355ME Q345E(TMCP) S355MD S355M
Q355MF S355ME S355ML

EN10025 S355JR, S355J0, S355J2, S355NL; ASTM A572/A572M Grade 50. Our Chinese GB/T 1591 Q355B, Q355C, Q355D, Q355NE steels are equivalent, and are acceptable by customers. According to new standard of Low Alloy High Strength Structural Steel, steel grade of Q345 has been replaced by Q355, which is equivalent to S355.

Anchor Plate Working Principle in Anchor Cage

Anchor Bolt and Ring Plate Brief Drawing

Chemical Composition of Anchor Plate

Anchor Bolt Steel Standard Steel Grade&Tensile Strength
ISO 4014 Grade 8.8
ASTM A615 / A615M Grade 75 (690 MPa [100 ksi] minimum tensile strength)
ASTM A722 / A722M (1035 MPa [150 ksi] minimum tensile strength)
ASTM A193 / A193M Grade B7 (860 MPa [125 ksi] minimum tensile strength)

Mechanical Properties of Anchor Plate

Steel GradeYield strengthTensile Strength, Rm
Steel levelQuality levelNominal Thickness or diameter, mm

Charpy(V-Type) Impact Test of Anchor Plate

Grade Quality Grade Test Temperature, ℃ Impact absorbtion energy, J
12mm~150mm >150mm~250mm >250mm~400mm
Q345 B 20 ≥34 ≥34
C 0
D -20 27
E -40