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Double End Stud Bolt

High Strength Double End Stud

Stud Bolt Specification

Raw Material: 42CrMoA, 40CrNiMoA

Strength Level: 8.8, 10.9

Dimension: M27~M64

Length: 2m-12m

Stud Bolt Types Introduction

Stud bolt has a thread on full lengths or at both ends. As shown in images. It is having three components if washers are not used (two nuts and stud). If you used washer it would become five. Sometimes additional nuts are used for hydraulic tensioning with larger size stud.

Continuous Thread Stud

Tap End Stud

Double End Stud

Double End studs are available in cut or rolled threads in any grade of material. They may be furnished plain, plated or coated at the customer’s request. LT Group provides heat-treatment, cold thread, lab services according to customer’s technical requirements.

Socket Hex Head Processing:

Longteng can provide socket hex head processing for stud bolt product for customers .

Socket Hex Head Processing

Stud Bolt Surface Treatment:

Stud bolt Surface Treatment has many options, such as Oil, Grease, Dacromet, Zinc coating,Paint, tape, fabric, Water-proof Paper, Box. There are 2 most used treatment – zinc coating and Black Oxide Coating. Here are the outlooks:

Black Oxide Coating Stud Bolt
Zinc Coated Stud Bolt

Stud Bolt Available Dimensions:

Stud Bolt GradeDiameterLength(mm)Nut GradeWasher

Stud Bolt Application

Stud bolt is a threaded rod with 2 heavy hexagon nuts, it is a component developed for flange connections in Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industry, now its been used in many more fields. Wind tower, Nuclear power, Railway, Automotive industry, Railway, Construction, Electronic industry.

Stud bolt for Flange Conection
Stud Bolt for Wind Blade
Stone Breaker Stud Bolt

Shipbuilding Stud Bolt

Stud bolt with different thread forms has been developed for various applications, and the major difference is the threading method and thread length.