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Construction Bolt

Construction bolts are specialized produced fasteners that are integral to constuction project, they are used to join two or more part together, such as railway tunnels, building foundations, bridge construction, etc. They are designed with unique features and for specific applications, making it essential to choose the appropriate type of bolt for each construction project.

Construction Bolt Types

  • Hex bolts, characterized by their six-sided head, are frequently used in structural applications such as building frames and bridges.
  • Anchor bolts are specifically designed to anchor structures to concrete, masonry, or other materials and are commonly used in foundation work to secure steel columns to concrete.
  • Carriage bolts, with a rounded head and square shoulder, are typically utilized in wood-to-wood and metal-to-wood connections.
  • Lag bolts, on the other hand, have a threaded shaft and a hex head and are used to attach heavy objects to wood, such as deck attachments to a house.
  • Eye bolts are engineered with a looped end that allows for the attachment of cables, ropes, and chains and are typically utilized in rigging and lifting applications.
  • U-bolts are characterized by their U-shape and are used extensively in securing pipes, tubes, and cables to structures.
  • Flange bolts have a wide, flat head that evenly distributes the load over a larger area, making them ideal for use in automotive and industrial applications.

AGICO has been supplying construction bolts for various projects: railway tunnel segment bolts, holding-down anchor bolts for building foundations and bridge-bearing bolt. Construction project must choose bolts designed for specific applications and follow appropriate installation procedures, quality control and installation procedure must be put in place to ensure the fastening reliability and safety. Here are some brief introductions of construction bolt types:

Tunnel Segment Bolt

Curved bolt, hexagonal head bolt, hexagonal flange bolt, T type thread and wood Thread

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Foundation Anchor Bolts

Embedded anchor bolt, foundation anchor bolts, holding down bolt.

Size: M12-M48
Material: Alloy steel and Carbon steel

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Bridge Bearing Bolt

Anchor stud bolt, flat anchor stud, high strength hexagonal bolt
Size: M20-M48
Materials: alloy steel
Surface treatment: H.D.G and Dacromet.

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Customization Construction Bolt Capacity:

Rolled thread rangeDiameter for the threads rolled16 ~ 30mm
Roll pitch rangeRange of pitch rolled6 ~ 15mm
Thread lengthLength of thread rolledMax 500mm
main uranium speedSpindle speed255 r/min
Roller outer diameterOutside diameter of rolling die70~85mm
Roller ApertureInside diameter of rolling die40mm
Die lengthThread rolling Die Length60mm
Output (pieces/minute)Output(pcs/min)20Pcs/min
main motor powerMain power motor22KW
voltageSupply voltage380V
Motor sizeMotor DimensionC400X750mm
Equipment sizeMachine Dimemsion(LAW*H)4350X2100X1300mm

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