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ML15AL Arc Weld Studs for Steel Structural Plant Buildings refer to shear studs manufactured using ML15AL or other alloy metals as the raw material. It is also known as arc welding stud. The studs have a nominal diameter ranging from 10mm to Ф25mm. Custom sizes such as M16, M19, M22, and M25 are also available. Quality inspection certificates and other quality documents, such as a quality assurance sheet, can be provided.

According to the national standard GB10433, the surface of the cylindrical head weld studs for steel structural plant buildings should be free from rust, oxidation, grease, and burrs. The shank of the weld studs should not have any cracks that affect their usability, but the depth (radial) of cracks in the head should not exceed 0.25 (dk-d) mm.

Arc Weld Stud Equivalent Standard

Hot sell StandardTensile strengthYield strengthElongation
EN ISO 13918 SD1≥450 Mpa≥350 Mpa≥15%
AWS D1.1 TYPE B≥450 Mpa≥350 Mpa≥15%
BS 5400≥495 Mpa≥385 Mpa≥18%
AS/NZS 1554.2≥410 Mpa≥345 Mpa≥12%
JIS B1198≥400 Mpa≥235 Mpa≥20%
GB/T 10433≥420 Mpa≥340 Mpa≥14%

GB/T10433-2002 Dimensions of Arc Welding Studs

d1(1) 131721232931
h(1) 2.534.5667
WA 455666
L1(2)(3)Mass per 1000 pieces (density 7.85g/cm 3 ) 5)    kg≈
200 229352499660866
220  384544720943
250  4316118101050
300   7229591251

1) Measurement position: 2d from the end of the welding stud.
2) Guideline values. In special cases, such as penetration flat welding, this dimension may be different.
3) WA is the melting length.
4) L1 is the design value of the length after welding. For special occasions, such as penetration flat welding, it is shorter.
5) The theoretical mass of the welding stud before welding.

Arc Weld Stud Production

Arc Weld Stud Application

Chemical Composition of Arc Weld Stud

Chemical Component Of Material (%)

Arc Welding Stud Material and Mechanical Properties

MaterialStandardMechanical behavior
MI15、ML15AlGB / T 6478 σ b ≥400 N/mm 2 ,
σ s or σ p0.2 ≥320 N/mm 2
δ 5 ≥14%

Ceramic Ferrules for Arc Weld Studs (UF)

 Dimensions of B1 Type Ceramic Ferrules for Stud Weld (UF) (mm)
 diameter of stud weld studs with ceramic ferrules d  D  D1  D2  H 
 1010.3 10.8 14 18 11 
 1313.4 13.9 18 23 12 
 1616.5 17 23.5 27 17 
 1919.5 20 27 31.5 18 
 2223 23.5 30 36.5 18.5 
 25 2626.5 38 41.5 22 
Key 1. B1 type ceramic ferrules are mainly used for general downward welding as well as welding M13mm and M16mm stud weld studs with ceramic ferrules through metal deck. 2. B2 type ceramic ferrules are only used for welding M19mm stud weld studs with ceramic ferrules through metal deck. 3. The types of ceramic ferrules are at manufacturer’s discretion.

5 Advantages of Arc Weld Studs for Steel Structural Buildings

  1. Materials such as ML15, ML15AL, SWRCH15A, and SWRCH18A are selected from high-quality wire rods produced by state-owned large steel mills.
  2. The raw materials undergo phosphating and wire drawing treatments to prevent rust.
  3. The dimensions strictly adhere to the national standard GB10433 and the international standard ISO13918.
  4. Automatic machine anchoring is used for the arc initiation point to prevent detachment, ensuring a more secure connection. The heads are chamfered, and the welding is uniform.
  5. Quality assurance documents, inspection reports, and certificates of conformity can be provided for products. The products can be subjected to testing by authoritative third parties.

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