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Bridge Bearing Fastener

Bridge Bearing Fastener Assembly

The bridge bearing bolts are generally high-strength bolts, with surface treatments such as multi-element alloy diffusion, zinc chromium coating, and sealed treatment. The bridge bearing bolts are usually purchased as a set, which includes hex head bolts, customized sleeves and anchor rods.

Bridge Bearing Functions

Bridge bearings are critical structural components that connect the upper and lower structure. They are located between the highway bridge and the bearing pad, and serve as crucial load transfer devices for highway bridges. The functions of bridge bearings are as follows:

  • Sufficient bearing capacity to reliably transmit the axial forces (longitudinal forces and horizontal forces) of the rubber bearings;
  • Minimize the constraints imposed by the bearings on the deformation of the beams, especially for high-speed railway bridges, where the embedded bearing sleeve price must be considered to allow free expansion and contraction of the beams;
  • Facilitate installation, maintenance, and inspection, and allow for replacement when necessary.

Bridge Bolt Embedded Sleeves

The sleeves for bridge bolt can be divided into metric and imperial sizes. Although the internal concave shape of the sleeves is the same, the outer diameter, length, and other dimensions are designed according to the shape and size of the corresponding equipment. Since there is no unified national standard, the design of sleeves is relatively flexible and meets the needs of the majority. Socket wrench sets usually come with a variety of socket heads of different specifications, as well as a handle, extension bar, universal joint, screwdriver bit adapter, and bent handle, used to fit hex nuts.

Install Steps for Embedded Bolt Sleeve

The precise installation method for the embedded bolt sleeves of seismic isolation bearings includes the following construction steps:

  1. Embedding steel plates as templates for the embedded steel plates of the seismic isolation bearings;
  2. Establishing grouting and installation holes on the embedded steel plates
  3. After the completion of drilling on the embedded steel plates, maintaining the alignment with the embedded steel plates of the seismic isolation bearings,
  4. Installing short bolts in the installation holes of the embedded steel plates and the walls of the installation holes,
  5. Installing sleeves to fix the bolts in place at the location of the short bolts; after the sleeves are in place, installing the short bolts.

The advantages of this product are as follows: the design elevation of the embedded steel plates is precise, and the horizontal positioning is adjustable, making the pouring of concrete convenient and improving the construction process; it solves the problem of precise positioning of the embedded steel plates, ensures the precise installation of bolt sleeves, and further guarantees the rapid and accurate installation of the seismic isolation bearings.

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