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Dongdazhai Wind Farm Project in QingDao

Project Detail

Implementaion year of the project is 2018.9, which is owned by Qingdao WOER New Energy Wind Power Co., Turbine brand is GOLDWIND, Longteng supplies foundation anchor cage assembly for 24 turbine foundations, includes grade 8.8 grade anchor bolt of M42*4470, total capacity is 48MW.

Shandong Laixi Dongdazhai Wind Farm Project, located in Dongdazhai Village, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. The total installed capacity of the project is 48.6MW, and 27 wind turbines with a capacity of 1800kW are built, 27 sets of 2000kVA box transformers, 27 bases of wind turbines and box bases, and 2 sets of 35kV overhead collecting lines with a length of 27km. The project is expected to have an annual on-grid power of approximately 107.58 million kWh and an annual equivalent full-load utilization period of approximately 2,214 hours.