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Hawa Wind Power Project in Pakistan

Project Detail

Implementaion year of this project is 201711.27 is owned by POWER CHINA, Turbine Company is GOLDWIND, LongTeng supplies foundation anchor cage assembly for 50 turbine foundations, includes grade 8.8 anchor bolt of M39*2700, total capacity is 100MW.

Pakistan’s HAWA (HAE) 50MW wind power general contracting project is located in the Jinping area about 120 kilometers northeast of Karachi City, Sindh Province, Pakistan, and is closely adjacent to the completed Tapal wind power project of Huadongyuan. A total of 29 GE1.7MW wind turbines are installed in the project. The diameter of the fan impeller is 103m and the hub height is 91m. It is the highest record of built and under construction projects in Pakistan, with a total installed capacity of 49.3MW. A new 132kV substation is connected to the local power grid.