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YUANQU Wind Farm Project in China

Project Detail

Implementaion year of this project is 2015.11.27 which is owned by CPI POWER ENGINEERING COMPANY LTD, Turbine company is GOLDWIND, LongTeng supplies pre-stress foundation anchor cage assembly for 100 turbine foundations, includes grade 10.9 anchor bolt of M42*3910, total capacity is 200MW.

The YuanQu County Wind Power Project is a key project for the construction of China Power Investment Power Engineering Co., Ltd. through investment promotion. The project is located in Xincheng Town, Maojiawan Town, Yanlu Township and Lishan Town of Yuanqu County. It is planned to install 100 wind turbines with a capacity of 2000KW and a new 220KV booster station. After the project is completed, the project will generate electricity annually. The amount is 44187.3 million hours.