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Fangcheng Nanshan Wind Farm Project in China

Project Detail

Implementaion year of this project is 2015.11.27 which is owned by CPI POWER ENGINEERING COMPANY LTD, Turbine company is GOLDWIND, AGICO supplies pre-stress foundation anchor cage assembly for 100 turbine foundations, includes grade 10.9 anchor bolt of M42*3910, total capacity is 200MW.

The YuanQu County Wind Power Project is a key project for the construction of China Power Investment Power Engineering Co., Ltd. through investment promotion. The project is located in Xincheng Town, Maojiawan Town, Yanlu Township and Lishan Town of Yuanqu County. It is planned to install 100 wind turbines with a capacity of 2000KW and a new 220KV booster station. After the project is completed, the project will generate electricity annually. The amount is 44187.3 million hours.

Fangcheng Nanshan 100MW multi-energy complementary power generation project is the first project to start construction and grid-connected power generation since the establishment of Shanghai Nengke Shanxi Branch. It is located in Gaoluo Township, Fangcheng Nanshan. With a planned installed capacity of 100MW. After the project is put into operation, the annual power generation will be about 138 million kwh, and it is expected to save 42,000 tons of standard coal and 101,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year,  AGICO supplies pre-stress foundation anchor cage assembly for 200 turbine foundations, includes grade 10.9 anchor bolt of M42, total capacity is 400MW, which can effectively reduce the consumption of coal resources.


The project started construction on June 3. At the beginning, there has been various difficulties such as tight construction schedule, heavy tasks, shortage of personnel during the epidemic, and lagging supply of equipment and materials. The Shanxi Branch planned in advance, established the Engineering Management Department and the Yuanqu Nengke Photovoltaic Project Department, arranged personnel to arrive at the scene in advance to coordinate with all parties, and the team members stayed on site to ensure the smooth progress of various tasks.


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