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Fish Bolt

What is Fish Bolt

Fish bolt is a type of rail bolt or track bolt that is utilized to connect 2 fish plates onto 2 rail tracks. AGICO manufactures fish bolts using top-notch steel materials like Q235, 45#, 40Cr, 20Mntib, and even stainless steel. These fish bolts adhere to various international standards such as BS, ASTM, and DIN, among others.

Fish bolt heads can be round head, square head, hexagon head, diameter ranges from M16-M42, length from 80mm-500mm. AGICO produce fish bolt according to ISO898-1, UIC-864, DIN 975, BS64, JIS E1107, DIN5903, AS1085, ASTM 325, AREMA SAE J429. Surface treatment of plain (oiled), Oxide black, Zinc, HDG, wax, bitumen, Dacromet, Sherardizing, send your requirement to us and AGICO will response in no time.

Fish Bolt Available Standards

British StandardBS 20M, 30M, 35M, 35R, 50 O, 60A, 75R, 80R, 80A, 95RBH, and 113A
German StandardS10, S14, S18, S20, S24, S30, S49
America StandardAREMA 40ASCE, 60ASCE, 75ASCE, 90ARA, 115RE
European StandardUIC54, UIC60
Fish Bolt Grade 4.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

AGICO specialize in supplying wholesale and customized rail bolt products as a professional supplier. Our rail fasteners have successfully obtained ISO9001-2000 and CE certifications, ensuring compliance with the stringent quality standards for railway equipment, including those set by the EU. Throughout our years of operation, we have catered to numerous customers from various countries, offering track bolts and a range of complementary railway products.

Fish Bolt Package For Delivery

AREMA fish Bolt Specification

New ProductApplicationSpecificationMaterialUnit WeightSurface TreatmentPacking
M24 * 135 fish boltGB38kg rail Q2350.65kg/pc  
AREMA fish bolt(1) 7/8”*5-1/2”45#0.417kg/pcplain50lb iron barrel or paper box and fumigation free wooden pallet
AREMA fish bolt(2) 1”*5-1/4”45#0.579kg/pcplain50lb iron barrel or paper box and fumigation free wooden pallet
AREMA fish bolt(3) 1”*5-3/4”45#0.621kg/pcplain50lb iron barrel or paper box and fumigation free wooden pallet
AREMA fish bolt(4) 1”*5-7/8”45#0.631kg/pcplain50lb iron barrel or paper box and fumigation free wooden pallet
Huck bolt C50L      

Fish Bolt Types and Specification

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BHON Track Bolt

BHON track bolt specification
Size: Dia. 5/8"-1-1/2", Length1-1/2"-13"
Grade: Gr2, Gr5, Gr8
Standard: AREMA & SAE J429
Surface treatment: Black, Zinc plated

Square Head Track Bolt

Square head fish bolt specification
Size: M20, L as ordered
Grade: 4.6, 5.6
Standard: DIN5903-2 Type B
Surface treatment: Zinc plated, hot dip galvanized
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Cup Head Oval Neck Fish Bolt

Cup head oval neck fish bolt specification
Size: M18, M20, M22, M24, L as ordered
Materials:  carbon steel
Standard: AS 1085.4, 6&7
Surface treatment: Black

Day mark fish bolt specification
Size: A30, B30, A37, B37, A50, B50, B40N
Grade: 4.6, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9
Standard: JIS E1107
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