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Frog Bolts

US Frog Bolt and British Frog Bolt Supply

A Frog bolt is turnout hexagonal bolt is a type of track bolt used in a railway turnout. The bolts used in the turnout position are called turnout hexagonal bolts. The large frog bolts are used for turnouts, and the nuts generally used are self-locking nuts (metal or nylon lock nuts).

Nylon lock nuts are provided by British customers, while metal lock nuts are provided by American customers, our frog bolt has been supplying to American and UK customers. Different railway track shall use different size frog bolt, such as for 43kg turnouts, M22 and M24 frog bolts are usually used, while for 50kg turnouts, M24 and M27 frog bolts are commonly used.

US Frog Bolt:

Item Size Spec.  Unit Weight            (kg/pc)
FROG BOLT (SQ.HD) 1-3/8"x10" Material: 42CrMo              Grade 8                           Surface: plain                  2.6
1-3/8"x14" 3.029
1-3/8"x16" 3.422
1-3/8"x18" 3.815
1-3/8"x20" 4.208
1-3/8"x22" 4.601
SECURITY      LOCK NUT TO Match with 1-3/8"”Bolt Material:                         Nut 45# steel;             Lock Ring steel alloy;                            Grade 8                   Surface: plain  0.565

USA Metal Self-Locking Nut Method

Frog Bolt Specifications:
Heat Treat: SAE J429 Grade 8
Core Hardness:  Rc 33-39
Min Tensile:  150,000PS
Min Yield: 130,000PSI
Security Lock Nut:Specifications
Prevailing Torque: IFI-100/107 standard
Material Property:  SAE J995/ASTM A563
Threads-Class  2B(UNC&UNF)

British Frog Bolt:

Bolts BS1083 GRADE V
Tensile strength >65tonf/in (989mpa);
Yield strength >52tonf/in (791mpa);
Elongation >14%
Hardness  293-370
Surface  Black.
Flat washer 
materials  45#
hardness HRC38-45 
Surface. black
Lock nuts BS1083 GRADE R
Tensile stress >45tons/in (685mpo)
Hardnesss  HB201-271
Surface  Black