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Railroad T Bolt

T Bolt for Rail Clip and Clamp

AGICO supplies standard T bolts and customized shape T bolts, thread size ranges M16-M72.
T shape bolt also called insert bolt, is used as rail clip bolt and clamp bolt in railway fastening system, together with elastic clip and clamps, it helps to fasten the rail track onto the rail sleepers, AGICO supplies T bolt with shock-proof and shock absorption for wooden sleeper and concrete sleeper.

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HS26/HS32 Railway Bolts

HS26/HS32 railway bolts for ribbed base plate

HS26/HS32 Railway Bolt
Material: Q235, 35# and 45#
Standard: UIS864-2
Grade: 4.6, 5.6, 8.8
Surface: Plain, black painting
TypeDimensionWeight (Kg)
HS26/55M22 ×55/40 Nut M22/H22/S390.45
HS26/65M22 ×65/45 Nut M22/H22/S390.475
HS26/90M22 ×90/45 Nut M22/H22/S390.549
HS32/55M22 ×55/40 Nut M22/H22/S390.469
HS32/65M22 ×65/45 Nut M22/H22/S390.503
HS32/90M22 ×90/45 Nul M22/H22/S390.577

Clamp Bolt and Inserted Bolt

clamp bolt and inserted bolt for the Russian market

Clamp bolt and inserted bolt
Material: Q235, 35# and   45#
Grade: 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 8.8
Surface: Plain, black painting 
ItemDimensionWeight (Kg)
Clamp bolt with nutM22 ×75 M22/S36/H220.475
Inserted bolt with nutM22 ×175 M22/S36/H220.78

SL Type Rail Bolt

Rail bolt and clip bolt for concrete sleeper and crane rail.

Diameter 18mm and 22mm
Length125mm to 195mm
grade4.5, 5.6

BSW Thread Clip Bolt

Standard ReferenceTypeFinishGradeRaw Material
UIC864-2M18,M20,M22,M24,M27,etcPlain & Oiled,Oxide Black,Zinc Plated,Hot DipGalvanized, etc 4.6Low Carbon Steel
NF F 50-0085.6Medium Carbon Steel    
ISO898-1   8.8   
BSW thread clip bolt
M20 X 60 30Kg rail
M20 X 75 30Kg rail
M22 X 66 40Kg rail
M22 X 8048Kg rail

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