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Rock Bolt

High Strength Rock Bolt

Rock Bolt Types Supplied by Longteng

LongTeng supplies 2 types of high strength rock bolts which is widely used as roof bolt in roadway anchor support in mining and tunnels, according to steel bar and its processing treatment, one is heat treated threaded deformed bar, the other is hot-rolled continuous thread bar. According to its application, it can be classified as roof bolt, ground anchor, soil nail, etc, which has different requirements of bar length, tensile strength and surface conditions, etc.

What is Rock Bolt

Rock bolt or rock anchor is the most basic component of the roadway support in coal mines. It plays a very important role to strengthens the surrounding rock of the roadway of mines and tunnels, it makes the surrounding rock support itself, prevent displacements of rock. Now high strength rock bolt is not only used in mines, but also used in engineering technology to strengthen the main body of slopes, tunnels and dams, it is called soil nail or ground anchor in some applications. As a tensile member deep into the rock or soil, rock bolt is connected to the engineering structure at one end and into the ground layer at the other end.

Hot-rolled Continuous Thread Rock Bolt
Hot-rolled Continuous Thread Rock Bolt
Heat-treated Threaded Deformed Rock Bolt
Heat treated Threaded Deformed Rock Bolt

Rock Bolt Structure

Rock bolt body can be divided into free section and anchoring section. In free section, tension force at the bolt head is transmitted to the anchoring section, and apply prestress to rock bolt; the anchoring section refers to the area where cement paste bonds prestressing tendon to the soil layer, and its function is to increase bonding friction between rock bolt and soil layer and increase the anchoring pressure of rock bolt, tension force from free section is transmitted to deep soil.

Rock Bolt Application

High Strength Rock Bolt Roof Bolting