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Round Bar Heat Treatment

Raw Material Round Bar Passed Quality Inspection
Anchor Bolt Heat Treatment Processing Line

Heat treatment (Quenching + Tempering)

Round bar heat treatment is quenching and high temperature tempering or hardening and tempering, is adopted to meet the mechanical properties of 8.8 and 10.9 grade anchor bolts (according to the requirements of the bidding technical documents).

Quenching and tempering parts mostly work under relatively large dynamic loads. They are subjected to tension, compression, bending, torsion or shear. Some surfaces also have friction, requiring a certain degree of wear resistance and so on. In short, parts work under various complex stresses. These parts are mainly structural parts of various machines and mechanisms, such as shafts, connecting rods, bolts, gears, etc. They are widely used in machine tools, automobiles, tractors and other manufacturing industries. Especially for large parts in heavy machine manufacturing, quenching and high temperature tempering is more used. Because of the different stress conditions, the properties of conditioned parts in mechanical products are not exactly the same. Generally speaking, all kinds of quenched and tempered parts should have excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, that is, proper combination of high strength and high toughness, in order to ensure the long-term smooth work of parts.

Anchor Bolt Heat Treatment
High Strength Anchor Bolt Production Control System
Marking After Heat Treatment

Round bar tempering

Quenched round bar is reheated to a certain temperature and then cooled by a certain method, which is called tempering. Its purpose is to eliminate the internal stress produced by quenching, reduce the hardness and brittleness, and achieve the expected mechanical properties.

The main purpose of quenching and high temperature tempering is to obtain comprehensive mechanical properties with good strength and plasticity. Our company has been engaged in heat treatment of round bar for many years. Welcome friends in need to establish cooperative relations with our company.

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