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Hydraulic Pillar Pipe

Hydraulic Pillar Pipe Grades:

The common materials are 20#, 45#, 27SiMn, and 30CrMoSiA , etc. The rich content of rare elements ,advanced rolling equipment and heat treatment technology ensure that the hydraulic pillar tube has better strength, toughness and harden-ability.

Hydraulic Pillar Pipe Application:

Hydraulic prop tube is made from high-quality carbon structural steel adding one or several types of alloy elements to improve the strength, toughness and hardenability of steel. This hot-rolled seamless steel pipe often needs to go through hardening and tempering, chemical hot treatment, surface hardening and other thermal remedy options.

Compared to high-quality carbon structural steel, hydraulic prop tube owns excellent integrated mechanical real estate. We always roll round, square and flat shaped steel products for usage as important structural parts in machinery or hosting server.

Hydraulic prop tube can be used the cylinder or prop in coal mine hydraulic support and used some other hydraulic cylinders or props. It could be widely applied in hydraulic system, plastic machinery, injection molding machinery, rubber machinery, forging machinery, casting machinery, engineering machinery, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, metal processing and war field.

Hydraulic Pillar Pipe Chemical composition:


Chemical Composition


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