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Structural Pipe

Structural Pipe Applications:

Structural pipes, known for its strength and stability, can be produced in different sizes and grades, so they can be used for various industries for different purposes. Common uses for structural pipes include for columns, bollards, sign poles, structural supports, and piling.

Types of Structural Pipe:

Generally speaking, structural pipe is made of steel that meets certain standards of chemical composition and mechanical properties. It can be used for numerous structural applications and there are a variety of types available. Common types of structural pipe include:

Seamless Steel Pipe:

Seamless steel structural pipe is a made without welding and is more durable in usage. The pipe is commonly used for dock piling, pipe piling, caissons, and bollards.

ERW Steel Pipe:

ERW is short for Electric resistance welded. The pipe is made by forming a flat steel into a round tube and using high frequency current to weld the two edges of the steel together. Filler metal is not required for the process. It is commonly used by the oil and utility companies for transporting gas and liquid objects such as oil and gas.

Spiral Steel Pipe:

Spiral steel pipe is made by steel coil, extrusion forming under the normal temperature, then formed with specific thickness and length after welded the seam of the pipe. This pipe could offer long lasting durability.

DSAW Carbon Steel Pipe:

Double Submerged Arc Welded (DSAW) is welded on both the OD and the ID. The submerged welding process protects the steel from contamination of impurities in the air. It is available in many different grades and is used for road casing, road boring, culverts, and more.

Fence Pipe:

This pipe is used for enclosing areas, such as parks, parking lots, and more, it is becoming popular for its high durability and strength.

Structural Pipe Size:

This kind of pipe is versatile in usage and available in various sizes. The OD of this steel pipe can be from 1/2″ to 48″. The wall of the pipe can be of virtually any thickness. It can be applied to foundations, bulkheads, or anything need to have a dense under girding and to add more strength.

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