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Structural Big Bolt and Rod

There are 4 types of high strength steel bolt and rod product supplied by AGICO, hex bolt of large size, stud bolt for ship and deck, structural tie rod for building and walls, post-tension bar for bridge construction.

Hex Head Bolt

Hex Head Bolt

AGICO is a professional large size (M30-M80) high tensile hex head bolt manufacturer, we sell large size hex bolts for high precision, heavy-duty fastening application, widely used in structural and industrial industries, automotive to marine, coastal, and high-temperature environments. Hex Head is featured with high tensile strength, cost-effective and wear and tear-resistant, high temperature and low-temperature applications.

Stud Bolt

Stud Bolt
Double End Stud Bolt
Stud Bolt

Double End studs are available in cut or rolled threads and in any grade of material. They may be furnished plain, plated or coated at the customer’s request. LT Group provides heat treatment, cold thread, lab services according to customer’s technical requirements. Full Thread Hex bolts or All Thread Rod are widely used fasteners, they are also named fully threaded rods, as the name implies they are produced with threads all over the round bar for full connection of nuts or other components.

Structural Tie Rod

High Strength Structual Tie Rod Package
Tension Bar

Structural tie rods are important components of steel structures for the construction of large-span buildings and ship docks. They are mainly used for prestressed parts in construction projects, which plays the role of carrying tensile load. Tie Rod market for structure strengthening function keeps increasing for large building projects are started all over the world.

Post-tension Bar

Post tension Bar External Application

AGICO concentrates on manufacturing post-tensioning system with bars and rods tendon, with other required accessories for heavy structure post-tensioning. Post-tensioning system (PT Bar) that can be used for bridge-building and pre-tension purpose in concrete structure.

Nonstandard Stud Bolt

Customized Stud Bolt

High strength large size nonstandard bolt strength grade: 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. It is mainly used in machinery and equipment, high-speed railway, construction steel structure, ships, bridges, roads, wind power generation, oil pipelines and other fields.

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