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Post-tensioning Bar

Bridge Post Tensioning Bar

Post-tension Bar Specification

PT Bar Tension Bar specification
DiametersM64 M56 M48 M42 M39 M36, customers’ technical requirements
Length: 1~11.8 meters
Property Class:8.8 9.8 10.9 12.9
Accessories: Nut, plain washer, dome/spherical nut, dome/spherical washer, coupler
Thread: cut thread, rolled thread
Thread length: Acc. to customers’ technical requirements
Thread tolerance:ISO 965-1, 6g
Rod standard: ISO 898
NDT inspection: 100% magnetic partical test, 100% ultrasonic test
Inspection document: EN 10204 type 3.1, type 3.2

PT Bar Description

Post tension Bar External Application

PT Bar for Bridge Structure

AGICO supplies post-tensioning system (PT Bar) that can be used for bridge-building and pre-tension purpose in concrete structure, for our main product is high strength PT bar for all kinds of applications, tensile strength grade range is 8.8-12.9. There are many types of pre-tensioning systems which can be classified into 3 – wire tendon, strands tendon and bar tendon.

AGICO concentrates on manufacturing post-tensioning system with bars and rods tendon, with other required accessories for heavy structure post-tensioning. As the most used post-tension system in bridge construction, strand tendon is used for permanent post-tensioning, bar tendon is used for both permanent and temporary conditions. For permanent applications, pt bar shall be produced with anti-corrosion treatment.

Post-tension Bar Products and Fabrication Service

Heat-treated high-strength PT bar for post-tensioning system is usually produced with full threads, which is also known as full thread bar, threading method has 2 options: cut thread and rolled thread. AGICO also supplies round bar with no thread, or we can fabricate according to customers’ requirement such as double end thread, etc. Usually, PT bar system is designed for grouted construction. In addition, they are sometimes used as external tendons with various types of corrosion protection.

What is Post Tensioning System

Post-tensioning is a method used to increase the tensile strength of reinforcing concrete structure, so that the tensile stress created by load force will be neutralized with the tension. Post-tensioning operation process: put high-strength pt bar in ducts or sleeves, place them in concrete structure to apply tension by pulling the pt bar and fix it with anchor plate against concrete edge, this process is done before concrete structure bears service load. In one word, it includes installing and stressing pt bar tendon, to make the reinforcing concrete attain a minimum compressive strength.

Why Choose AGICO PT Bar

PT bars manufactured by AGICO are manufactured with strict tensile standard, usually above the standard level, so it can be reused without damage when being re-tensioned properly. Full thread bar can be cut to any length to be reconnected, AGICO can help customers with a series of fabrication work if needed.

AGICO post-tensioning (PT bar) adopts hot rolled round bar with continuous thread, with the tensile strength levels of 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9, or even higher, diameter range of M39 M36, M39, M42, M48, M56 and M64. PT bar length can be customized according to the usage. If you want more info about pt bar manufactured by AGICO, contact us now.

Post-tensioning Bar Application:

Post-tensioning bar system is used in many fields for pre-stressing purpose, it is a supplement to the wire tendon for higher tensile property in post-tension bridge building, and it is used in manufacturing high strength anchor bolt for wind turbine foundation and tension bar(tie rod) for building structure of walls and roof, with customized thread on it. Ground anchors, rock bolts for mining, tunneling, roof supporting, structural tie rod, Tanks, Stadium, Nuclear containment vessels, art structures.

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