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Blade Bolt Bushing

What is Blade Root Embedded Bolt Bushing

A root bushing for a blade root of a wind turbine rotor blade, is a method for manufacturing a root bushing are provided herein. It has a bushing body and a corrosion protective layer, This has the advantage that due to the fact that the corrosion protective layer is applied in a cold-deforming process, the corrosion protective layer does not influence the mechanical properties of the embedded bolt bushing.

Embedded blade bolt bushing set is one of the wind blade and flange connecting tools, it can greatly increase the strength degree of blade root structure, which can effectively solve the problem of the rich glue around blade bolt set, greatly increase the strength of blade root bolt bushing structure, to prevent dangerous situation such as the blade bolt sets out from the blade root layer, it can guarantee the long wind blade, high load the safe running of wind blades, achieve very good very good fastening technical effect.

Embedded Blade Bolt Bushing Specification

ApplicationTo fix and cooperate with turbine blade root bolt
Property class10
Length293mm, 380mm, etc
AdvantageHigh product performance, Impact energy up to 60J, high precision in dimension

Blade Root Embedded Bolt Bushing Characteristics

The embedded blade bolt bushing is made of metal, and it has very high anti-corrosion requirements for the outer surface. During embedded blade bolt bushing production, the impurities and oxide layer on the surface needs to be cleaned up. After cleaning, the surface roughness needs to be more than > RA6.3mm.

T-bolt connection is the standard method to connect the rotor blade to the hub of the turbine. a root bushing connection is the most commonly chosen method for connecting the rotor blades.

With the blade bolt bushing solution applied, more blade bolt can be used on the same pitch circle diameter, with greater fastening strength, longer wind blade can be installed for larger power wind mill, for larger size blade means larger power capacity. It is also a technical improvement in wind mill design.

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