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Shiwangutian Wind Farm Project

Project Detail

Implementaion year of this project is 2018.2.26 is owned by CHINA GEZHOUBA GROUP MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD, Turbine Company is GOLDWIND, LongTeng supplies foundation anchor cage assembly for 20 turbine foundations, includes grade 10.9 anchor bolt of M48*4530, total capacity is 50MW.

Guangxi Shixian County Shiwan Gutian Wind Farm is located in the area of ​​100,000 Gutian in Hekou Township and Chetian Township of Guangxi Resources County. The site is about 92 kilometers away from Resource County and 198 kilometers away from Guilin City. The site of the 100,000 Gutian Wind Farm is about 2 to 16 kilometers long from north to south, about 5 to 12 kilometers wide from east to west, and covers an area of ​​about 27 square kilometers. The main work of this project is the installation of 60 wind turbines, towers and ancillary equipment with a capacity of 2.5 MW, installation of 60 boxes and 8 sets of adapters, road construction in wind farms, installation of all equipment in the booster station. And civil construction.

Completed Anchor Cage