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All Thread Stud Rod

All Thread Stud Bolt and Nut

All Thread Rod Specification

Material: 42CrMoA, 35CrMoA, 40CrNiMoA

Product level: 8.8, 10.9

Product specifications: M36~M64

Length: not more than 12m

Executive standard: GB/T3098.1, GB/T197, GB/T196

What is All Threaded Stud Bolt

All Thread Rod and Fully Threaded Studs are widely used fasteners, they are also named fully threaded rod, as the name implies they are produced with threads all over the round bar for full connection of nuts or other components. It is now being applicated in industries such as electrical, plumbing, maintenance, etc.

Full Threaded Short Stud
Fully Threaded Long Stud
All Thread Long Stud

AGICO – Your Best Fully Threaded Rod Supplier

High Strength Steel Fully threaded rod and studs high level strength and durability for basic fastening cases. These studs products are made of steel rods of certain grade, and with necessary treatment to increase its strength level.

  • AGICO uses cold forming equipment for threading, which is suited for producing long screw threads and precision threads for high accuracy and high strength uses.
  • Chamfering and stamping machine line is equipped for high-strength studs production. Each model of chamfering machine is designed for a wide range of wire diameters and lengths.
  • Maximum length of all thread rod is within 12 meters, customer can have customized sizes and length for specific application uses.

Quality Tests of All Thread Rod

Quality Enssurance
Thread Test
Thread Test
Quality Enssurance
  • The thread precision grade is 6g, Guarantee the circulation and stop.
  • Mark product number at rod end to ensure traceability.
  • The product has good resistance to delayed fracture and long fatigue performance (12 million times without damage)

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