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Specifications of Rebar for Rock Bolt Tunnel Support

Nowadays, rebar rock bolt tunnel support technology has become an indispensable technology in coal roadway support. In the supporting system, rebar rock bolt is the most widely used product. Here are some details of how high quality rebar rock bolt is manufactured:

Rock bolt Tunnel support is an important direction of the development of coal roadway support. It is a technological revolution of coal roadway support. The progress of rock bolt tunnel support technology has accelerated the development of mining roadway industry. In the innovation of coal roadway technology, after years of research, Longton finally found the rock bolt support – extremely advantageous technology. The improvement of rebar rock bolt technology can greatly reduce the cost of coal roadway support, improve the safety mining work and improve the production efficiency to a new level.

Nowadays, rebar rock bolt tunnel support technology has become an indispensable technology in coal roadway support. In the supporting system, rebar rock bolt is the most widely used product. Here are some details of how high-quality rebar rock bolt is manufactured:

Mechanical Properties of Tunnel Rebar Rock Bolt

To understand the functions of the rebar rock bolt, you need to know exactly mechanical properties of rebar rock bolt.

Pull and Shear Tests on fully-grouted Rebar Rock Bolt

Test Stiffness (kN/mm) Yield load (kN) Peak load (kN) Load ratio (yield/peak) Displacement at peak load (mm) Rupture displacement (mm)
Pull 20 150 175 0.86 35 39
29 181 211 0.86 30 43
Shear 23 84 177 0.47 39 43
14 90 195 0.46 44 53

Anchoring Performance of Tunnel Rebar Rock bolt

Rebar Rock Bolt is Rolled from Rebar

The rebar itself has a good connection for the special screw structure, it will make the connection more tightly and not easy to fall off. And with chemical resin added, the connection becomes more seamless, resin will strengthen the strength of the connection, so that the rebar rock bolt has a strong anchoring ability.

Pure Bonding Force of Rebar Rock Bolt

This bond is mainly related to the spacing of threads and tooth height. For bolt surface has threads, when it starts to work, the rod body rotates along the thread, and resin will flow down the direction of the rod rotation, so that the gap will be filled, which can make the stirring effect. Moreover, the threaded teeth are trapezoidal, which makes the resin contact area larger, it becomes more sticky and effective. Moreover, for the rock rod body is all threaded and of sufficient length, the rebar rock bolt can slide along the rod body to achieve the ideal fixing force without worrying about rod length.

Resistance of Rebar Rock Bolt

Because of the special structure and length of the rebar rock bolt body, the force between thread and resin will increase. During stirring, when the resin flows down the thread, the rod body and the binder bond together, will create resistance to the rebar bolt, and only by overcoming this force can normal stirring be carried out.

Anchorage Methods of Rebar Rock Bolt

Different anchoring methods can achieve different anchoring effects. For example, full-length anchoring of rock bolt can effectively reduce the deformation of coal roadway and avoid the transfer of coal roadway position. This is how the force on the rod body is uniform when the full-length anchorage is used. Of course, if there is a full-length anchorage, there will be a local anchorage, and the local anchorage is mainly at the end, anchoring the end. This is a relatively uneven force.

Application of Rebar Rock Bolt

Rebar Rock Bolts in Mining Stoping Roadway

The use of rebar rock bolt in stoping roadway can greatly reduce the displacement of roof and floor as well as the two sides. Moreover, under the anchorage of the rebar rock bolt, the roof is well protected and will not be deformed or destroyed.

Rebar Rock Bolts in Mining Expansion Roadway

The use of rebar rock bolt support in mining roadway development will greatly increase the safety of roadway. For every project, safety is always the first priority. This kind of support texture is particularly good, not easy to damage, can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance. For it has advantages of operation is more convenient and higher production, it can bring huge economic benefits to customers. The full-length anchoring of rebar rock bolt can effectively improve the stiffness of bolt support system and limit the deformation of surrounding rock. The full-length anchoring bolt can provide anchoring force, improve the stiffness of the bolt support system, and when the stratum separation and deformation occur along its length range, reduce the deformation of surrounding rock. Because the full-length rebar anchor bolt support system has more advantages than resin anchor bolt, the safety and reliability of the support system is higher, therefore, it is the best form of mining roadway bolt supporting system at present.

Rebar Rock Bolts Used in Tunnel

Many projects constructions requires to dig tunnels, such as mining, building tunnels and so on. The excavation of the tunnel will easily loosen the rock structure, which will easily lead to disasters of landslides, it is a threat to people’s personal safety. However, the use of rebar rock bolt – resin anchors above the tunnels during excavation will strengthen the connections between the rocks and effectively prevent the rocks from slipping. So the use of rebar rock bolt keeps the people in the mines safe, so as the carts and machineries get through.

In a word, the appearance of rebar rock bolt has brought great convenience to many projects, and we should make good use of the benefits brought by this technology. However, the technology shall never stop, but also continue to research and innovation, I believe that with continuous efforts, Longton will offer more and more good rock anchor bolt technology to benefit more industries, if you need heat-treated high strength steel rod products, such as wind anchor cage bolt, anchor stud bolt, full thread bars, feel free to contact us now!

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